Oxygen doesn't grow on trees.

I’m in NYC for a week, returning home tomorrow, and I just came back from the EVR club. I’m a bit too old for a dance club on a Friday night, and the $100 minimum bar tap price was a little ridiculous, but I’m really glad I went there and helped the Bitcoin economy a bit.

It was really funny on the way in, the guards didn’t know what I was talking about, and they referred me to Alex (a different one, not the owner), who smiled and told them “oh, it’s this Bitcoin thing that Alex is doing”, then took me inside and whispered something into the sexy bartender’s ear and told me she’d take care of me.

The payment process was smooth. Alex was so geeked out, I guess, that he asked someone to take a picture of us when I came to pay the bill. I just scanned a QR code off his tablet using my blockchain.info wallet app. I only had like 0.43BTC on me (worth about $60) so I paid the rest with my credit card, which actually took longer to process.

Anyway, it was a good feeling. Glad I did it.

The Genesis Block interviewed EVR Owner Alex Likhtenstein, “Buying Drinks With Bitcoin“.

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