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Tracx Dashboards in Times Square

Next month marks the 8th anniversary since the registration of the tra.cx domain name. Words can’t describe the way I feel right now, after reaching yet another peak in this amazing journey, with my five partners and a dream-team of amazingly talented people making Tracx a global leader, a family and a home.

For the next week our dashboards are displayed on a 15×10 meters screen in Times Square NYC, the most visible place on the planet, showing real-time data about the Super Bowl, the most watched sporting event in America.

The new sign on the IT dept. door at work

tracx in a nutshell

And that’s tracx in a nutshell…

Social media is a noisy moving target and keeping pace with the evolving social landscape is getting harder every day. Social media is about more than keywords and brand mentions – it’s about people and conversations. If you need a better way to understand what’s happening on social media, why and what to do about it; if you want measurable business impact and to return on your social media investments, you’re ready for tracx. Tracx is an end-to-end social intelligence platform for the modern enterprise that offers robust tools and workflows designed to inform and empower all of your teams. Request a demo at www.tracx.com.

Israel Safran

Three years ago today, a great man left us. My leader and mentor, Israel Safran.

How fast time flies. I miss you every day since you’ve left, and think about you a lot, especially on how things would be different if you were still alive.